Can You Have Alternative Therapy If You Are Pregnant?

Serene pregnant woman in relaxing candle ambient at bathtub before give Birth. Beautiful young pregnant woman at beauty salon spa getting a body treatment.

Are you pregnant and expecting to improve this experience by enjoying some free therapy? You might have benefited from other therapies before and need to keep into your pregnancy but feel concerned about their security right now? Pregnancy is a unique and thrilling time, and enjoying your pregnancy is an integral part of taking care of your and your babies well being.

Take note

Pregnancy is a natural condition and our bodies have the capability to deal with the astonishing developments in us, but for many women it’s a tricky time. If you’re struggling with aspects of your pregnancy it’s important to realize that this isn’t your fault. Becoming a mother is amazing but it may be challenging too. The stresses and strains of life and the remarkable changes happening inside your body can leave you feeling tired and stressed. Throughout your life your physical and psychological health is critically important for leading a nicely balanced, fulfilling life.

When this is ignored it is so easy to obtain the annoying and stressful experiences mounting and getting overwhelming. All of a sudden fun, laughter and the delight of being a mum-to-be can look to be a thing of the past. One popular way to restore this balance is through complementary treatments. The use of these therapies may also help you and your baby when you become pregnant. There are various remedies that are safe during pregnancy like hypnotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and reflexology. It’s necessary to check the credentials of any therapist you visit and make sure you tell them you’re pregnant so the treatment can be altered to you and your babies needs.


Reflexology is a well-established complementary therapy that’s been used in a variety of forms across the world since ancient times. Reflexology isn’t a invasive treatment that concentrates on anxieties points in the hands and feet. The perceptive, trained hands of a reflexology practitioner can identify tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet. By working on these areas, generally using hands only, the therapist can help balance the entire body. Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing experience.

This technical foot massage can help your body to manage the stresses of daily life and cope with lots of the common ailments associated with pregnancy. For instance fatigue, mood swings, nausea and vomiting, swollen ankles and pelvic and back pain. Now envision yourself slipping off your shoes and sitting back to enjoy an hour of blissful comfort. This is a time for you to communicate positive, relaxed, calm emotions to your infant. People confirm that a reflexology massage seems fantastic and can also give time to breathe and enjoy your pregnancy.

Good to know

During labor itself, it can be used for comfort and pain relief. In the post-natal period, it’s frequently brilliant for breastfeeding problems like maintaining or increasing milk supply, postnatal depression and overall relaxation. Research has indicated that girls who have regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy have much shorter labour than people who do not (on average one third as long). Reflexology is ongoing to establish its reputation and esteem during the positive results people experience. Empiric knowledge and research studies have shown that those getting routine reflexology during pregnancy have significantly improved pregnancies and briefer birthing with less intervention.

The unborn baby also seems to enjoy Reflexology and it’s typical for babies to become very lively during a therapy. Sometimes the therapist will have the ability to feel the baby growing – first somewhat like a tadpole, and at times a bulge growing on the interior side of your foot, over the heel. Your feet actually can reflect what’s happening in your body especially at this exciting time. Reflexology is great in pregnancy since all you will need to do is ease off your shoes and socks and sit back, usually in a recliner chair or on a sofa. There’s absolutely not any need to be worried about undressing or lying flat as the therapist actually just needs your toes so it is easy to find a comfortable position that matches all three of you The reflexology therapist, you and your baby!

Holistic Massage

The history of the specialized holistic massage demonstrates how complementary treatments improved lives before western medicine developed. The term alternative treatment is frequently used for treatments of this kind, which might be misleading. It could imply that reflexology is a substitute or alternative to conventional medical care but it isn’t. It may compliment traditional medicine with amazing success but not be complete replacement. The treatment isn’t a replacement for medical care and guidance from your medical care provider should always be sought whenever you have health issues.

If you decide to start any other therapies during pregnancy you and your therapist will choose whether you would like to start during the first three wary weeks of pregnancy. At this point, many women worry about the chance of miscarriage. Despite the fact that the goal of reflexology and several other holistic therapies is just to bring about equilibrium, it would be all too simple for a mother to feel that the treatment might have contributed in some way if the pregnancy stopped in this time period.


To avoid uncertainty, many therapists request mums-to-be to get back in contact after the initial three months. Every pregnancy is unique and you’re your own best expert. Most of us need support and guidance at this exciting time and it’s very important to seek care that benefits you and your baby. Relaxing and looking after your physical and psychological health can enable you to enjoy this excellent time and encourage a positive, healthy and serene environment for your infant. It’s an exciting journey to becoming a mum! Many men and women find free therapies very beneficial and fun for adults, kids and babies alike. If you’re concerned about your health please do consult your medical care provider.