Can Yoga Help With Menopause?

Beauty mature woman practicing pilates at home

Menopause is widely accepted among the most physically challenging and emotionally draining phases of a woman’s life. Symptoms such as anxiety, mood swings, hot flashes and feeling helpless and helpless, all combine to create life very tough for women experiencing menopause.


While menopause is regarded as a natural biological process, there exist many unique methods in helping this process and ensuring that the period of transition is smoother and more comfortable. One natural method growing in popularity is Yoga. By practising Yoga, you can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and anxiety, clearing your mind so it’s more able to manage the many major changes occurring in your life.

Yoga exercises

Here are a few of the most popular Yoga exercises for women experiencing menopause.

Kapalabhati – This is mostly a breathing exercise which will help reduce feelings of tension in the chest region.

Warrior Pose – This stretch enables one to increase their endurance, balance and endurance. Along with this, the Warrior Pose has also been shown to alleviate backaches.

Tree Pose – Also called the Tadasana, this stretch is helpful for strengthening joints, calves and back muscles, while demonstrating substantial advantages to hip and groin ailments. This pose is best used by people with flat feet or sciatica.

Boat Posture – This is a useful pose for those wanting to tone muscles at the abdominals area. The Boat Posture may also be used for enhancing digestion and relieving stress.

The Bow – The Bow promotes elasticity of the spine, whilst also improving posture, energy and reducing fats in the abdominal region. This pose has also been shown to help the digestive system and increase the reproductive system.


To increase the efficacy of Yoga, you need to try and make a regular time where you know that you can perform your exercises without disturbances and anxiety. Creating a relaxing environment is an important part of the relaxation procedure, but one which is often forgotten.


While Yoga can help alleviate symptoms that already exist, many natural herbal remedies can prevent these symptoms from even happening. Curcuma Comosa has been demonstrated to effectively prevent recurrences in several menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness and reduced sex drive. Countering the symptoms of the menopause is not simple, but options do exist. Practising exercises like Yoga, and taking herbal supplements like Curcuma Comosa, can certainly make a positive difference.