Can Raw Food Treat Migraines?

    Migraine isn’t just another name for a headache. Some people use it to get sympathy. They are very different and debilitating. Migraines can cause a person to need to sleep in a darkened area for a while so that they are unable to do normal activities like work or driving.


    Migraines can cause severe headaches, which can also be accompanied with sickness and sensitivity. These headaches can last for hours or days and are more common in women aged 30-40 years and teens. How can they be caused? Although it isn’t clear what causes migraines, it is believed that they occur when blood flow to the brain is affected. These can be caused by fatigue and hormone fluctuations during menstruation, which is why migraines are more common in women than in men.

    Diet can also be a trigger factor. A diary is a good idea due to the many trigger factors such as diet, light, long journeys and strong smells. Keep a journal listing all the key factors of your day. This will help you to identify the day before you experience migraines. Regular exercise, healthy eating habits and regular meals will help to maintain blood sugar levels. It is easier to avoid trigger foods than it is to eat specific foods when suffering from migraine.

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    Migraines can be very severe and debilitating. Migraines sufferers who are truly suffering from them will know what triggers them so they can avoid certain foods and situations. This is the best way to reduce the frequency of attacks. Keep a journal if you aren’t sure. It is a good idea, as a precautionary measure, to include some of the foods listed above that can help prevent attacks.



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