Can Eroxel help you with your ED?


Did you know that:

  • It is not unusual for men to experience occasional difficulty getting an erection.
  • The majority of men over 65 have sufficient erections to allow them to penetrate.
  • Low testosterone levels can decrease sexual desire, rather than cause erectile disorder.
  • Combinations of drugs injected into the penis with devices that shrink or apply suction are extremely effective and don’t have the side effects associated with oral medications.
  • Even if erectile dysfunction is caused by a physical problem, sexual support can be helpful.
  • ED is often caused by psychological disorders, neurological or vascular disorders, injuries, or the side effects of certain medications or surgery.
  • ED can be caused by many factors. Men with mildly reduced erectile function due to diabetes or peripheral vascular diseases may experience severe ED after they take a new medication, or are subject to increased stress.
  • When examining the causes, doctors consider psychological and interpersonal factors.
  • Testosterone therapy can help restore erectile function in men with low serum testosterone levels who have ED, but low testosterone is not a common cause of ED.
  • Most men with ED can be properly treated with an oral phosphodiesterase inhibitor, such as sildenafil, vardenafil, avanafil or tadalafil.
  • Most men who do not respond to treatment with oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors can achieve erections with injections of alprostadil, alone or in combination with an oral phosphodiesterase inhibitor.
  • Suction erection devices and penile prostheses are effective treatments for men with severe ED.
  • Eroxel is the best you acn take for your ED. You can buy it here: Eroxel Buy.