Can Chiropractic Help Migraines?

Pain in the spine

Can Chiropractic help with migraines? Can a Chiropractor Relieve Headaches? Chiropractic adjustments have been the preferred treatment for migraines and headaches for decades. Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments can reduce migraine intensity, duration, frequency, and severity. A visit to the chiropractor has shown remarkable reductions in other types of headaches such as tension and sinus-related.

Migraine And Headache

What is the difference between migraine and other headaches? Migraine headaches are usually characterized by severe throbbing or pulsing pains in the head. It can be severe enough to cause paralysis and may be isolated to one side. It can last from one hour to several days. Many sufferers of migraines experience an “aura” before they feel the headache. An aura could include flashes or a particular smell.

A migraine attack is often preceded by a stiff neck. A chiropractic adjustment can help stop the migraine attack or reduce its intensity. Chiropractic care is usually very helpful for tension headaches. This is the most common type and causes pain in the neck, head and behind the eyes. Patients may also describe feeling a tightening in their head. These headaches can be caused by neck strain or trauma to the spine.

Stress Factor

Tension headaches can also be caused by stress, fatigue, eye strain, poor posture, and stress. Sinus headaches are often located above the eyes or on the cheeks. They are often caused by allergies or infection. These headaches can be worsened by straining or bending the skull.


Chiropractic adjustments and other therapies can help drain the mucous and open the sinus. It is important to correctly diagnose your headache type. The cause of migraines should be determined based on age, family history and head trauma. A proper evaluation should be done for tension headaches after spinal trauma.

Sinus headaches should not progress to the point where they can cause severe infection. All types of headaches must be correctly diagnosed and treated. It is important to determine the exact cause of a headache and recommend the best treatment plan.