Can Anxiety Attacks Happen After Menopause?

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During the time in life that’s called menopause, so many diverse things are happening inside a woman’s body that’s hard to pinpoint any single problem which could be causing problems. It’s during this time in life whenever her estrogen levels are dropping rapidly and the production of progesterone ceases almost entirely.


It’s little wonder then that girls that are going through these difficult changes in their body might experience anxiety attacks from time to time. You might also want to know that a whole lot of the difficulties that girls undergo during menopause aren’t physical whatsoever. Many of the mental issues that usually associate themselves with menopause are usually caused because of a misconception of what’s happening during menopause.

Some women may feel like their purpose in life has waned or perhaps are thinking about that menopause is a state that signals their life is all but over. In fact, however, you might just be half way through your life that could be somewhat comforting if you keep this in mind.

Anxiety attacks

The anxiety attacks which you might be experiencing during or after menopause can be caused either by the physical changes which are happening in your body or maybe even the psychological instability that may go together with the menopause itself. Either way, there are a few things which you could do which can help reduce the anxiety attacks and sometimes, may even have the ability to eliminate them altogether.

The first thing would be beneficial for you to try so as to overcome the stress naturally is to supplement your vitamins. Not only are your estrogen and progesterone levels falling quickly, your body also tends to consume its own levels of vitamin B speedily. As we get older, it might be necessary for us to supplement with this specific vitamin many times throughout the day to be able to maintain our levels up.

Another thing which could be done is to be certain that you’re exercising and eating the right kinds of foods. Caring for your body this manner is not only likely to help you physically during this tough period of life, it will also enable you mentally. Relaxation techniques can also help take any extra stress off of you so as to eliminate the anxiety altogether.