Auto Immune Disease?

Antibodies attacking neuron, 3D illustration. Concept of autoimmune neurologic diseases

Being a victim I will explain what an autoimmune disorder feels like and how I handle it daily. There’s no known cure for this kind of debilitating disease. It may often start with chronic fatigue syndrome. Although it’s not thought of as life threatening, there are lots of side effects that an auto immune disease can cause such as mental health problems through being forced to endure severe persistent body pain almost on a daily basis.

Keep in mind

It can debilitate the victim so much that they might become bedridden. There are various kinds of auto immune disorders which frequently affect more women than men. It’s supposed to be caused through stress and hormone imbalances. Scientific studies have proven that because of the changes of hormone levels in women this may trigger an autoimmune disorder causing a breakdown in specific parts of their immune system.

Research is presently being conducted at universities globally on the causes and impact of autoimmune diseases. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I tried to seek support from several physicians and specialists until I had run the gauntlet with no success. I wasn’t okay. Finally I was at the end of my rope, and went along to a fibromyalgia group. I was astonished to see a lot of different men and women who suffered this condition. I was given contact information of a physician who suffered from fibromyalgia himself. I chose to consult with him. Finally I had found a physician who understood this disorder.

What now?

My next step was realizing that I had physical constraints therefore I had to be sure precisely what they had been in order for me to have the ability to handle my life. Fibromyalgia is an invisible disease. It follows that those afflicted by it seem healthy on the outside making others seem to believe the sufferer is attempting to get sympathy and attention. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This adds MORE stress to people who suffer this debilitating and chronic illness.

People often say things like “get out more, stop feeling sorry for yourself, there are people worse off than you are, you seem okay to me.” These are the kinds of hurtful remarks individuals with invisible diseases are exposed to frequently from people around them. I spent a two year period involved closely with a research team at Bond University in Australia since they worked closely with scientists and professors in the USA in order to discover what causes autoimmune diseases in people. This was an interesting journey. Stress is thought to play a massive role in the origin of these kinds of diseases.


Hormones are influenced by high stress levels in girls. If you feel you might be suffering from an autoimmune disorder speak to a health professional. There are tests available to determine whether you’re definitely a suffer, and which sort of autoimmune disease you might be suffering from. Memory fog – difficulty in remembering small tasks. A profound persistent body ache. Depression and feelings of not giving a dam.

Overwhelm is another common symptom. When I feel this coming on I just stop what I’m doing and put it aside and rest or mediate. Sometimes all we can do is just breathe and allow the world go by and that is just fine. There’s always tomorrow. I urge you to seek medical assistance if you have any of these symptoms I’ve mentioned above. There’s no cure for fibromyalgia, but you can handle it by getting a great deal of rest. A good balanced diet, and meditation is terrific for this sort of condition. Attempt to cut as much stress from your daily life as possible. Never feel guilty about putting your own needs first because you have every reason to.