Are You Too Tired For Sex?

    When a man is in the mood to get it on, occasionally his body just does not agree. That’s frequently the case when a guy really wants to enjoy a little sexual pleasure but he is just too tired to bother. From ignoring the need to masturbate to telling a husband, “Not tonight, honey,” a man might find himself saying no to sex over and over again.

    What is hapenning?

    If that’s true, there’s something going on – and he wants to determine what it is, not only for his own peace of mind (along with his spouse’s!), but for the sake of his great penis care. After all, regular orgasms are essential to “exercise” the organ and keep it in tip-top form.

    Too tired for sex?

    Let’s be honest: Sex is among the most enjoyable things in life, and many a man thinks about it every day, maybe multiple times every day. So it must be something serious to make him too tired for sex, right? Here are some of the problems which may lead to being overly tired and other penis conditions that are associated with that. Not enough sleep. When a man does not get enough sleep, it has a detrimental effect to each system of the body, including his penis health.

    But besides the easy exhaustion that comes from not getting enough sleep, the absence of shut-eye may also lead to less testosterone in the human body, which then creates a man more tired. Additionally, it affects his degrees of desire in a negative way. Insurmountable stress. When a man faces burnout, a lot of things happen. A man has more trouble making choices, insomnia and fatigue, anger and distress, a suppressed immune system and no need for sexual activity – and that is all just for starters.

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    Stress factor

    Stress is the leading cause of many problems for guys, but when it comes to sexual function, it is an actual game-changer. Relationship difficulties. When a man has unexpected penis issues, it may mean he’s dealing with something emotional. If a man is also coping with acute fatigue – the type that means he’d rather go to sleep than talk to his partner – both may be related. Sometimes relationship issues may result in a loss of libido that’s so intense it makes a person subconsciously avoid intimacy with that person. Problems with nutrition.

    A guy who is not eating enough, or is not eating the perfect foods, may suffer from serious exhaustion that makes him too exhausted to participate in several things, such as sex. This may also be true if a guy is getting enough to eat but it’s all the wrong things, like the man who lives on fast food and never touches a new veggie. Nutrition problems should be assessed by a doctor. Underlying medical conditions. Some men may have an underlying medical problem that translates into manhood issues.

    Final note

    As an example, a man with diabetes may be tired all of the time because his blood glucose is too high, so his cells do not get the energy they need. Or a man might suffer from severe depression, and consequently, he feels that the bone-deep fatigue which makes him want to remain in bed all day – but not do anything in that bed but sleep. Only time spent in the physician’s office may cause an investigation and identification of these sort of problems. Whether a man is actually tired or full of energy, he must always strive to safeguard his manhood health by engaging in excellent penis maintenance. He can do so by reaching for a effective penis health crème (caregivers urge Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A fantastic crème will contain numerous vitamins and nutrients, including amino acids for total health, vitamin E and Shea butter for hydration, and plenty of vitamins to keep tip-top wellbeing for the penis.

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