Are You Looking For A Natural Perimenopause Treatment?

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What is it that almost all women over age 50 have in common? If you mentioned hot flashes, you likely have already started perimenopause – the time in a woman’s life when these signs of menopause begin. Actual menopause is not until a full 12 months happens with no period, which seems like an eternity for the majority of women going through this period of life.


So what could be done to decrease the symptoms of perimenopause? First of all, you must realize by now that not all girls have the exact symptoms of melancholy, nor do they have them age as every other girl. Some women do not experience these symptoms until much older, after 50 or so. Other women start perimenopause within their mid-thirties, though that’s rare according to figures.

Why is this so?

For many reasons, one of them heredity, environment, eating habits, smoking habits, and only overall lifestyle can influence the severity of symptoms a woman experiences. The question you’re probably asking is,”how do I find a way to find relief from these horrible symptoms” There are a number of ways to find relief, so listen. This may mean the difference between getting sleep or having many restless nights enduring hot flashes and night sweats, or even worse.

First of all, decide right now that you will look after the only body you’ve got by eating the correct foods, getting more exercise, and finding ways to relax and relieve your anxiety. What’s that, you have not heard that last one before? Yes, stress is a killer and you should by all means learn how to manage it better! How can you handle your stress better? There are numerous ways, including exercise (back to this already?), massage, aromatherapy, meditation, long hot baths, and even hypnosis. One terrific way to reduce stress is to just stop and realize that life is too short to be in a hurry all day, so make a conscious effort to sloooowww down!

Easier said than done, but with practice and a real effort you’ll quickly notice a difference. Obviously I should also mention that the bad habits that some of you might have, such as smoking cigarettes, eating too much, and drinking a lot of alcohol. Of course it is well known that a little red wine is in fact great for your heart, but a bottle or two a day is absolutely not suggested! Moderation in everything is an excellent rule to live by, except for exercise. I haven’t heard of anybody dying of a lot of exercise, so in case you would like to do that daily I’m sure that your health will improve considerably.