Are You Living In A City?

Frankfurt, Germany - August 9, 2014: people walk along the Zeil in Midday  in Frankfurt, Germany. Since the 19th century it is of the most famous and busiest shopping streets in Germany.

Vitamins are powerful organic substances required in minute quantities in diets for optimal health. Absence of vitamins can cause human bodies to endure a metabolic catastrophe. An organism deprived of a particular vitamin will eventually suffer from disease symptoms specific to that vitamin.


Vitamins, being organic in nature, are all produced by plants or animals. However, human bodies generally can not produce vitamins, with the exception of vitamin D, which is synthesized in the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight). The body uses vitamins for any range of purposes, including tissue construction and maintaining organs in smooth functioning.

Vitamins give energy, build immune the machine, and prevent diseases and the onset of premature aging. Vitamins are of two kinds: water soluble and fat soluble. Water-soluble vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables; they include vitamins C, B6, and B12, Folic acid, Biotin, Niacin, Panthothenic acid, Riboflavin (vitamin B2), and Thiamin (vitamin B1). Vitamin supplements can be in organic and synthetic forms.


These can be found in tablet, capsule, and liquid forms. Tablets are the most commonly prescribed and used. A high intake of specific vitamin supplements, which far exceed the RDA, taken over long periods of time may lead to health issues. RDA, or the Recommended Dietary Allowance, is the amount of each nutrient anticipated to maintain the average human being healthy, according to a panel of nutrition police.

The RDA of vitamins is revised every five years to keep up with the latest research. To get optimum levels of nutrients from food, they need to be taken in their natural, unprocessed form in considerable quantities. Cooking, refrigerating, processing, canning, etc., all reduce the nutrient amounts of meals drastically.


Organically grown foods are the richest source of nourishment. However, the contemporary world is plagued by pesticide-ridden, fertilizer-laced, genetically modified (GM), and processed junk foods which only look attractive but have no nutritional value and just cause disease and the reduction of wellbeing. One doesn’t need to wait to become pregnant, become a sportsperson, be diseased, or be older to resort to supplements. If you are living in a town, you’re breathing, drinking, and eating carcinogenic compounds and living under constant stress that’s biological, mental, and chemical in nature. You will need vitamin supplements as a countermeasure and to survive the long run.