Are You A Young Mother?

Beautiful young woman and her charming little daughter are hugging and smiling

Every young mother knows the way the journey starts. It begins from bringing a rare gem from within forth. A being that’s so cuddling and beautiful which makes a mother swell with love, joy and tears. An infant is wonderful and a blessing to humans. Although she possesses a thing that is indeed precious, uncertainty is based on in regards to what may happen to herself and her treasure.

Woman’s love

She loves her baby and wants the very best for him but mentally she knows that the duty ahead is daunting and fear grips her but afterward love, a genuine solution to victory, sets in and the journey to freedom begins then. Every Journey has obstacles occur its path and these obstacles are faced by the young mother.

Financial Obstacles

The young mother must sustain herself through the journey. She needs finance or what we call money as she’s to sustain herself along with her baby (her treasure). Her baby will probably grow through the journey and needs all of the love and care they might reach grow into splendor. Moreover, the young mother must think of methods to achieve this and it’s really no easy task.

Emotion Obstacle

Man will not act on logic but emotion for we have been emotional beings. As a mother, her emotions come in battle constantly. For example those she calls her friends might suddenly abandon her to thread this path alone which will make her scared, disappointed and lonely. Furthermore, she may be supported by her parents with love and care however the reality soon dawns on her behalf that only she actually is the captain. She actually is aware that it requires hard effort, diligence, perseverance and discipline to attain the constant state of control. Other obstacles come her way which she must face but a very important factor for certain is that she’s to determine a very important factor and that is whether she’ll succeed or fail? She must answer the relevant question on her behalf sake and her child.

Take note

Many young mothers are with this journey, some have abandoned but others have achieved freedom.

  • It is possible to achieve anything if you believe in yourself and dream big.
  • Have mentors probably matured mothers who’ve been through this journey to direct you to enable you to prepare yourself mentally.
  • Have goals and objectives. This is essential for they inform you what your location is going. Set objectives on your own. It is advisable to consult with your mentors or parents to work with you in drafting your targets.
  • Read books on different regions of your life. You’re on a journey and you also need all of the given information you can obtain. Read books on finances, looking after babies, everything and health that concerns you. No-one is young to have success if you don’t think so too. You can find so many teenagers achieving tremendous success.
  • Read biographies on women that are great achievers like Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and a bunch of other women. It is possible to achieve freedom. It’s all in the hands.