Are There Solutions To Hot Flashes?

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Just to thinking of hot flashes makes me laugh. When I first experienced the electrifying internal combustion I didn’t recognize this feeling as hot flashes caused by menopause. The occurrence was at night and I thought I simply had too much heat on in the house or my goose was too heavy.

Let’s understand it

I’d like try to explain to you this very foreign internal feeling in a manner that will make it possible for you to share in the adventure. Initially the warm inner feeling was a really subtle inner heat the difficulty was that the temperature did not stop at just heat. I can recall being under the covers and feeling that it I didn’t remove them my entire body will literally burst into flames.

As a matter of fact one night I intentionally did not eliminate the bed linen merely to see how hot my body would get, was there an end point to the gain of the internal heat. I touched my skin and I was hot to touch, beads of perspiration started to stream down my head and trunk like I had been in a spinning class or running a marathon it was incredible “real heat”.

I was so curious that I broke out in laughter over the cartoon image of my body turning blood red in colour from heat. Well being the health guru that I am I set out to do some research to answer the question”What is happening with respect to physiology to elevate the body temperature to the point of sever perspiration?” I spent two weeks, on line in the book shop, reading text.


All of the information I came across just spoke of hormones levels but nothing discussed the chemical reactions which were happening in my body to boost your body temperature. I must admit I was pretty perturbed. I mean after all girl have been having this decrease in hormones because we’ve been in the world nobody or will I say no man, had some interest to ask the question”why?” So all you female gynecologist out their please allow me her from you. Meanwhile as I continued the study did some nutritional changes that I knew could reduce the intensity and frequency of my hot flashes.

I raised the frequency of carrying my Omega 3 -6 and 9, I understood that hormones synthesis is greatly determined by the essential fatty acids, (the good fats). It was during this study that I came across the info on bio-identical hormone therapist. I spent the next month reading everything I could find about those bio-identical hormones. The short of this is that after blood test measuring your testosterone and estrogen, yes women we’ve testosterone, a prescription is written and fulfilled by a bio-chemical pharmacist These hormones patent precisely the same molecular structure as the hormones thus the title bio identical


The final step was to consult with a naturopathic (naturopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability) healthcare provider. My hot flashes did not effect my energy I’ve heard that this may be an issue. Because I am a health specialist, my body not feeling balanced was a huge thing for me. I can’t recall the last time I had a cold, I know I’ve not had one since I moved to NYC and I have been here for years now as a matter of fact this is the first prescription I’ve ever taken.

Please bear in mind that since hormones levels are so individualized your experience could differ. The hot flashes stopped 6 week to the treatment. Since I’ve stopped my one cup of coffee a day I now I begin my day with herbal tea generally oblong or green tea. Thank you for letting me tell my story.