Are There Good Self Defense Tactics For Women?

    Every day the news is full of horror stories about violent crimes. We worry about ourselves, our kids, our friends, and relatives. Nobody can guarantee your personal safety. The best thing we can do is learn some techniques on how best to prevent ourselves from becoming a victim, and when we’re a sufferer how to survive.


    In this article you will learn important techniques on how best to prevent or survive an attack. Awareness: Keep your eyes and ears open. Yours ears will hear what your eyes can not see. Make regular visual scans of your surrounding area. Know about who and what’s around you. This won’t only help you, but will inform an attacker you are a certain person, not a simple victim.

    • Confidence: Hold your head high. Keep your spine straight and shoulders back. Always keep your hands free, not crossed at front or on your pockets. This makes for an easy rear attach. Examine peoples faces. Predators look for sufferers with low self esteem. Not people who could clearly identify them.
    • Common Sense: Use your mind. Realizing there are a whole lot of bad people in this world and something awful could happen to YOU. Don’t have the attitude “It will not happen to me”. That would be your first mistake. Don’t go to unknown places independently, use the buddy system. Be particularly aware once you’re in the dark. Lock your doors, in your car and your dwelling. Let someone know where you’re going and when you’re home.
    • Trust Your Instincts: We were all born with instants. If you feel there’s something wrong or going to happen, there’s most likely a reason. Use this to your advantage to have an excess look around and listen closer. I’m sure some of you have been in a situation where your mind told you something and your gut told you yet another. Listen to yourself. It’s far better to be over cautious then to not be at all.
    • Have a Plan: be ready to defend yourself, if you need to. You’ll have to be confident enough to have the ability to execute the plan once the time comes. In the next section you’ll learn 9 simple self defense methods. Practice these with a spouse or a friend. Purchase a video to get more detailed directions.
    • Yell FIRE: If you’re supposed to be assaulted begin yelling FIRE, FIRE. This brings people’s attention. If you shout for help, a great deal of people simply don’t want to get involved. By yelling fire it might mean the people in the surrounding region could also be at risk. Use a digital pocket whistle to draw attention.
    • Bend Down: If you’re attacked from behind. Bend over and push into your attacker. The attacker is going to be thrown off balance and he might need to lift with his back rather than his legs. Use a personal alarm to draw attention.
    • Hair Comb: Pull your arms up towards your mind to discharge there hold.
    • Cupped Hand Ear: When your arms are free cup you flip, swing out of your elbow, and slap the ear as hard as possible. Cupping the hand causes a sock wave to penetrate deep into the ear, causing the attacker to loose balance. This will affect there balance and center of gravity. Carry pepper spray & use it!
    • Eye Jab: Use your three middle fingers slightly bent and jab the eye. Or take a kubotan on keychain to use on pressure points.
    • Cupped Hand Groin: If your attacker approaches you from the front, start yelling fire, free your arms as fast as possible. Cup your hands, swing out of the elbow and slap the groin. This will send a sock wave throughout the groin up into to the stomach. This move is similar to taking 5 punches to the groin. Use your pepper spray!
    • Knee Kick Groin: If your attacker is near you and you can’t free your arms utilize the knee kick. Just simple pull your leg back and bring your knee forward into the buttocks. Then follow the cupped hand ear technique. Carry a stun gun and use it!
    • Scoop Kick Groin: If your attacker gets your arms and you’re away from him use the spade kick. Simple kick forward towards buttocks, when you hit it scoop your foot back pulling the groin from the body. This will release his grasp from you. Use your pepper spray! If your attacker is at the top of you and you can’t free your arms bite them on the neck or on the face as hard as possible. Do not release. Make them pull away from you. This should release your arms to utilize the cupped hand ear technique. Use your pepper spray or stun gun.
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    The above techniques should become second nature to you if or if you will need to defend yourself you will be well prepared. Being prepared can help you become more independent and confident. You can also consider carrying pepper spray, stun gun or just a taser. Check out all of my personal defense products and instructional DVDs.


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