Are Nitrates Good For An Erect Penis?


Guys know that a reliably erect penis is usually indicative of superior penis health, which gives them just one more reason to be obsessed with the feisty manhood they keep tucked away inside their trousers. Understandably, guys tend to concentrate on the condition of their erect penis, always wanting it to be as solid and firm as possible.

Nutritional fact

For those wanting to make a situation in which vertical penis is in its best possible level, it might pay to check into putting more nitrates in their diet. Nitrates are chemicals that occur naturally in certain foods. Scientifically speaking, a nitrate consists of one nitrogen atom and three oxygen atoms. When nitrates are consumed, they lose one of these oxygen molecules and become nitrites.

Nitrates are found in a great deal of vegetables and fruits. They are also sometimes added to other foods, such as baconnonetheless, often these”additive” forms produce something called nitrosamines, which may have adverse health effects. This guide will be focusing on naturally-occurring nitrates. Soil will have a great deal of nitrates, and that’s the reason why they wind up in many vegetables and fruits. This is particularly true of fruits, which grow under the soil and are vulnerable to nitrates.

Vegetables and fruits

Examples of nitrate-rich vegetables include lettuce, spinach, beets, green beans, celery, collard greens, cabbage and carrots. Since fruits are normally grown on trees, it is tougher for the nitrates to travel from the soil to the fruit – and so they often have lesser levels of nitrates. But some fruits believed to be great sources of nitrates are berries, gooseberries, raspberries and cherries.

As stated, once consumed, nitrates turns into nitrites, and a few nitrites become nitrosaminesnonetheless, the nitrites generated in the body from food ingestion generally turn instead into nitric oxide and swarm into the blood stream. And this is where the erect penis advantage comes in. Nitric oxide has several benefits. Studies have shown that it helps boost the immune system so that it can fight disease, assists in transmitting data between brain cells, helps improve sleep, regulates blood pressure, enhances cardiovascular health, and helps open up blood vessels. It’s that last that is of utmost relevance to the erect penis.

Final note

When a man becomes aroused, his brain sends signals to the penis that it should prepare for an increase of circulation. When the blood rushes in, it fills up the spongy tissue in the penis. This then causes the tissue to expand, thereby inducing the erect penis to happen. If the blood vessels aren’t obstructed by plaque or other substances, they have the ability to transfer more blood, which may make for a firmer erect penis. Although there are lots of things that help determine the stability of an erect penis, eating a healthy number of new nitrate-rich fruits and vegetables can be helpful.

Consuming nitrates isn’t the only way to receive nitric oxide. This may also be assisted by frequently using a first rate penis health crème (caregivers advocate Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). However, it’s critical that the chosen crème comprises an ingredient called L-arginine. This amino acid plays a significant role in the creation of nitric oxide. As a bonus, a crème with vitamin C can offer more benefits. Vitamin C is an integral part of collagen, which in turn helps ensure the stability of erectile dysfunction.